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  1. €5.00Homemade Vegetable SoupMade fresh daily, served with chice of brown bread or crisp roll
  2. €5.50Golden Fried Mozzarella SticksGolden fried mozzarella sticks served with homemade marinara sauce
  3. €6.50Southern Fried Chicken TendersDeep fried to crispy perfection served with your choice of hot buffalo, smokey bbq, sweet chill or garlic mayo dip
  4. €6.50Buffalo Chicken WingsTossed in our signature buffalo sauce served with blue cheese dip
  5. €6.50Chicken & Mushroom Vol Au VentA starter portion of one of our most popular dishes!
  6. €6.00Garlic Bread with CheeseCooked in our pizza oven topped with garlic butter & melted cheese, served with a garlic mayonnaise dip


  1. €15.508oz Sirloin SteakServed with homemade onion rings & choice of sauce & choice of mushrooms & onions. Cooked to your liking - Please Note that your steak will be cooked to your liking but we continue to cook in its natural heat during delivery.
  2. €12.50Roast Leg of LambServed with mash potato & vegetables
  3. €11.50Roast Stuffed Turkey & HamTender turkey breast with potato & herb stuffing & glazed ham
  4. €11.50Honey Roast Bacon & CabbageServed with mash potato & vegetables
  5. €11.50Spaghetti BolognaiseOur homemade minced beef bolognaise sauce served on top of fresh spaghetti, excludes side dishes
  6. €11.50Chicken & Mushroon Vol-A- VentChicken & mushroom cooked in a white wine sauce with puff pastry casing. One of our most popular dishes
  7. €11.50Southern Fried Chicken BreastBreaded chicken breast with roast gravy
  8. €11.50Creamy Pepper ChickenBreaded chicken breast topped with our signature creamy pepper sauce
  9. €11.50Chicken KievSucculent breaded chicken breast topped with homemade garlic butter
  10. €12.50Philly Style ChickenBreaded chicken breast topped with fried mushrooms & onions, cream sauce and melted cheddar cheese
  11. €11.50Southern Fried Chicken TendersA main course portion of our tenders starter, served with chips & coleslaw & choice of dip
  12. €11.50YOLO Chicken CurryOur famous curry served with steamed rice & chips
  13. €12.50Crispy Chicken Stir Fryserved with steamed basmati rice &/or chips...A customer favourite
  14. €14.00Beer Battered Fish & Chipsbeer battered cod served with chip, salad & homemade tartar sauce
  15. €14.50Golden Fried ScampiBeer battered scampi served with chips, salad & homemade tartar sauce
  16. €12.508oz Beef BurgerGrilled 8oz of Irish beef served on a toasted brioche bun with chips, salad & homemade burger sauce
  17. €13.508oz Bacon & Cheese BurgerOur 8oz burger topped with bacon & cheese, served with chips, salad & homemade burger sauce
  18. €14.508oz Farmhouse BurgerTopped with bacon, cheese & a fried egg. Served with chips, salad & homemade burger sauce
  19. €13.50Tex-Mex Chicken BurgerBreaded chicken burger topped with taco mince & cheese
  20. €11.50Grilled Chicken Caesar Saladwith grilled chicken breast
  21. €11.50Cajun Chicken Caesar Saladwith cajun grilled chicken breast
  22. €11.50Cold Meat SaladA selection of cold meats with house salad
  23. €11.00Vegetarian Curryserved with rice & chips
  24. €11.00Spinach & Ricotta TortelliniTossed in our homemade tomato & basil sauce

Kids Menu

  1. €6.00Kids Chicken Curry Served with boiled rice and chips
  2. €6.00Kids Chicken TendersOur homemade tenders served with chips
  3. €6.00Kids Sausages Served with choice of chips or mash & gravy
  4. €6.00Kids Burger served with chips
  5. €6.00Kids Spaghetti BolognaiseFreshly cooked spaghetti covered in our homemade tomato sauce
  6. €6.00Kids Margherita PizzaCooked fresh in our new pizza oven, served with chips


  1. €6.50Toasted Specialham, cheese, onion & tomato
  2. €7.50Classic BLT / CLTbacon, lettuce & tomato or chicken lettuce & tomato, served with chips or a cup of soup
  3. €8.50YOLO Club Sandwicha triple decker of chicken, bacon, lettuce & tomato, served with chips or a cup of soup
  4. €7.50Tuna Melttoasted sandwich with fresh tuna chunks, served with chips or a cup of soup
  5. €13.00YOLO Steak Sandwich strips of sirloin steak, mushroom & onions on a toasted ciabatta, served with chips or a cup of soup
  6. €10.00Chicken Goujon Wrapchicken goujons, lettuce, tomato & garlic Mayo, served with chips or a cup of soup

Extra Portions

  1. €3.00Portion of Mash
  2. €3.00Chips
  3. €3.00Rice
  4. €3.00Onion Rings


  1. €5.00Chocolate Brownie
  2. €5.00Homemade Cheesecake
  3. €5.00Potted Crumble of the day
  4. €5.00Eton Messserved with cream & ice cream
  5. €5.00Selection of Ice Cream


  1. €2.00Tea
  2. €2.50Coffee
  3. €2.00Mineral 330ml
  4. €14.00Bottle of Pinot Grigio
  5. €14.00Bottle of Chardonnay
  6. €14.00Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
  7. €14.00Bottle of Merlot
  8. €14.00Bottle of Shiraz
  9. €14.00Bottle of Cab Sav


  1. €6.50Sex On The Beach vodka, peach scnapps, cranberry & orange juice
  2. €6.50Jelly Babybacardi, malibu, pineapple juice, grenadine
  3. €6.50Tequila Sunrisetequila, orange juice, grenadine
  4. €6.50Woo Woovodka, peach scnapps, cranberry juice
  5. €6.50Jolly Rodgercaptain morgan, pineapple juice, grenadine


  1. €14.00Heineken 6 X 330ml Bottles
  2. €14.00Coors Light 6 X 330ml Bottles
  3. €14.00Corona 6 X 330ml Bottles
  4. €14.00Budweiser 6 X 330ml Bottles
  5. €14.00Bulmers 6 X 330ml Bottles
  6. €17.00Bulmers 6 X 500ml Cans
  7. €5.00Pint of Heineken
  8. €5.00Pint of Orchard Thieves
  9. €5.00Pint of Coors Light
  10. €5.00Pint Of Guinness

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