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  1. Sun 15:00–18:45
  2. Mon–Fri 17:00–19:50
  3. Sat 17:00–18:45
  1. Sun 15:00–18:45
  2. Mon–Fri 17:00–19:50
  3. Sat 17:00–18:45
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  1. €5.50Homemade Vegetable SoupMade fresh daily, served with chice of brown bread or crisp roll
  2. €5.50Egg MayonnaiseServed with side salad & brown bread
  3. €6.50Mozzarella SticksGolden fried mozzarella sticks served with homemade marinara sauce
  4. €6.50Chicken TendersDeep fried to crispy perfection served with your choice of hot buffalo, smokey bbq, sweet chill or garlic mayo dip
  5. €6.50YOLO Chicken WingsDeep fried chicken wings served with your choice of hot buffalo, smokey bbq or sweet chilli sauce
  6. €6.50Garlic MushroomsGolden fried mushrooms served with creamy garlic mayo
  7. €7.00Crispy Cod GoujonsFreshly fried strips of cod served with tarter sauce
  8. €6.00Garlic Bread with CheeseCrisp baguette topped with garlic butter and melted cheese served with a garlic mayonnaise dip
  9. €17.50Starter PlatterA combo of tenders, mozzarella sticks, garlic mushrooms, wings & dip

Chef Specials

  1. €12.00Roast Stuffed Chicken & HamHerb roasted chicken with honey roast ham, our own herb potato stuffing and roast gravy
  2. €12.00Roast Stuffed Loin of PorkSeasoned loin of pork stuffed with our herb potato stuffing topped with roast gravy and served with apple sauce
  3. €12.00Honey Roast Bacon & CabbageTender bacon loin glazed with honey & mustard, served with green cabbage, other veg of the day, potatoes & parsley sauce
  4. €11.50Spaghetti BolognaiseOur homemade minced beef bolognaise sauce served on top of fresh spaghetti, excludes side dishes
  5. €12.00YOLO Chicken CurryOur homemade curry served with boiled rice and chips
  6. €12.50Grilled Pork ChopsChar-grilled to perfection, served with mash potatoes, vegetables and roast gravy
  7. €11.50Homemade Beef LasagneLayers of delicious pasta and beef bolognaise baked to perfection
  8. €12.00Chicken & Mushroon Vol Au VentTender chicken and mushroom vol au vent served over a crisp puff pastry
  9. €15.00YOLO Steak SandwichMarinated strips of steak stir friednwith mushrooms & onions and served on a crisp sub
  10. €12.00Roast Stuffed Turkey & Ham
  11. €12.00Pork & Apple Sausage

From the Grill

  1. €9.501/4 Pounder Our char-grlled burger serned plain jane
  2. €10.50CheeseburgerOur 1/4 pounder topped with melted cheese
  3. €11.00Bacon CheeseburgerTopped with smokey bacon & melted cheddar cheese
  4. €12.00YOLO Farmhouse Burger1/4 pounder topped with bacon, cheese & a fried egg- Delicious!
  5. €12.50Char-Grilled Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken breast grilled to perfection
  6. €14.00Philly Style Chicken BurgerOur chicken burger topped with mushrooms, onions and melted cheese
  7. €15.00Farmhouse Chicken BurgerTender chicken burger topped with bacon, cheese & a fried egg


  1. €8.00Classic CaesarRomaine lettuce, parmesan sahvings, garlic & herb croutons andour signature homemade caesar dressing
  2. €11.50Chicken Caesar Our classic caesar salad topped with your choice of fresh roast chicken breast (cold) or our crispy chicken goujons (hot)
  3. €11.50Cold Meat SaladDaily selection of cold cut meat served over a bed of dressed salad leaves with julienne of white cheddar, hard boiled egg, and tomato. A serious salad!
  4. €10.00Egg Salad A mixture of the freshest salad leaves and vegatables topped with hard boiled egg and our house dressing
  5. €10.00Char-Grilled Chicken CaesarOur signature caesar salad topped with freshly grilled chicken breast
  6. €12.00Cod Goujon CaesarOur singnature caesar salad topped with freashly breaded cod goujons
  7. €11.50Cajun Chicken SaladDelicious char-grilled chicken breast marinated in cajun spices served on your choice of a house or caesar salad
  8. €12.00Farmhouse Burger SaladA delicious 1/4 pounder burger topped with bacon, cheese & a fried egg served on your choice of house or caesar salad

Fish & Vegetarian Dishes

  1. €15.00Traditional Fish 'N' ChipsGolden battered fillets of cod served with chips & salad and our homemade tartar sauce & lemon wedge
  2. €12.50Baked CodFillet of cod topped with a lemon & herb crust baked to perfection and served with homemade tartar sauce & lemon wedge
  3. €14.00Breaded Cod GoujonsBreaded strips of cod fried golder brown and served with homemade tartar sauce & lemon wedge
  4. €12.00Deep Fried Fillet of PlaiceDeep fried fillet of breaded plaice served with homemade tartar sauce & lemon wedge
  5. €15.50Golden Fried ScampiBreaded to order and fried golden brown and served with delicious tartar sauce & lemon wedge
  6. €11.50Vegetarian CurryOur homemade curry with mixed vegetables served with rice & chips

Chicken Corner

  1. €12.00Southern Fried ChickenTender breaded chicken breast covered in our delicious gravy
  2. €12.00Chicken KievSucculent breaded chicken breast topped with garlic butter
  3. €12.00Pepper ChickenBreaded chicken breast topped with our signature peppercorn sauce
  4. €13.00Chicken Cordon BleuSouthern fried chicken breast stuffed with honey roast ham and melted cheddar cheese and topped with parsley sauce and melted cheese
  5. €13.00Philly ChickenBreaded chicken breast covered in sautéed mushrooms, onions, parsley sauce and melted cheddar cheese
  6. €13.00Chicken ParmaBreaded chicken breast topped with a tomato and basil sauce with melted parmesan shavings to finish
  7. €11.50Chicken GoujonsSliced chicken strips fried golden in our southern seasning and serving of garlic, BBQ, sweet chilli or spicy buffalo dip
  8. €13.00Chicken MarylandSouthern fried chicken breast topped with bacon & fried pineapple


  1. €6.50YOLO MargheritaItalian tomato sauce, mozeralla cheese
  2. €8.50Pepperoni ClassicItalian tomato sauce, mozeralla cheese & pepperoni
  3. €8.50Spicy ChickenItalian tomato sauce, mozeralla cheese, spicy chicken, onions & mushrooms
  4. €8.50Meat FeastItalian tomato sauce, mozeralla cheese, ham, chicken & pepperoni
  5. €8.50VegetarianItalian tomato sauce, mozeralla cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms & tomato

Kids Menu

  1. €6.50Chicken Curry Served with boiled rice and chips
  2. €6.50Chicken Tenders & ChipsOur homemade tenders served with fries
  3. €6.50Spaghetti BolognaiseFreshly cooked spaghetti covered in our tomato sauce
  4. €6.50Fish Goujons & ChipsFreshly fried cod goujons served with chips
  5. €6.50Kids Sausages Served with choice of chips or mash & gravy
  6. €6.50Kids Burger Kids burger with chips

Red Wine

  1. €20.00Neftali, Cabernet Sauvignon - ChileRed berries, hints of capsicum aromas and a palate full of red fruits, cassis flavours and smokey hints in the background
  2. €20.00Neftali, Merlot - ChileFruity character with hints of black berry
  3. €20.00Fossil Bay, Shiraz - AustraliaLovely aromas of dark cherries, chocolates and hints of black pepper and spices. Big flavours of blackberries coffee, toast and spices

White Wine

  1. €20.00Neftali, Sauvignon Blanc - ChileCitrus melon and tropical fruits lead to a crisp wine with hints of grapefruit, soft fruits & herbs
  2. €20.00Vianto, Pinot Grigio - ItalyFloral aromas with citrus fruits and melon flavours, perfect for drinking any time of the day
  3. €20.00Fossil Bay, Chardonnay - AustraliaClassic tropical fruit scents leading to grapefruit & melon notes. Soft full flavours of peach and pineapple ending with fresh toast


  1. €5.75Sherry Trifle
  2. €5.75Chocolate Brownie
  3. €5.75Apple Crumble
  4. €5.75Homemade Cheesecake


  1. €2.95Portion of Chips
  2. €2.95Portion of Veg
  3. €2.95Fried Mushroom & Onions
  4. €2.95Portion of Coleslaw
  5. €2.95Side Salad
  6. €2.95Portion of Rice
  7. €2.95Portion of Mash

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